PUBG 3.0 Lite iPad View Config File Download

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Hey guys, in today’s article, I’ll be sharing the iPad View Config for PUBG Lite.

The iPad View will enhance your gameplay, allowing you to experience it as if you were using an iPad on your Android device. This configuration enables you to play PUBG Lite at 60 or 90 fps even on a low-end device. Unlocking iPad View in PUBG Lite is simple with the method provided below.

You can download the iPad View Config from the link provided:

How to Unlock iPad View In Pug Lite?

Before utilizing the iPad View Config, it is essential to understand that you can apply it on any Android device. You also need to know how to correctly use the configuration file. Therefore, if you wish to use the iPad View Config, follow these steps:

  • First of all Download, If you want to use Download  iPad View Config file
  • Open and extract it.
  • Then open the extracted folder and copy the Android folder to your device’s memory
  • And that is all, You are ready to Play

For more Detail Watch Below Video

iPad View Config File Download

I am delighted to share this PubG Lite config file with all of you. I trust that it will enhance your gaming experience by eliminating lag issues in PubG Lite. This iPad View config file has gained popularity among PubG players.

You can download the config file using the link provided below. If you choose to download the iPad View Config File, kindly consider sharing it with your friends.

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Link for downloading the config file:


In this article, I have shared PUBG 3.0 Lite iPad View Config File Download With You. I hope you have liked it Please do share it with your friends and follow our blog for more.

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